Importing a Vehicle

  1. Searching for Your Vehicle
  2. Enquire
  3. Pay
  4. Shipping
  5. Receive your Vehicle

2. Enquire

After finding a vehicle you are interested in, the next step is contacting the seller so that he/she quotes you the CIF. allows you to send a message to the seller. Send a message to the seller asking for CIF to Dar es Salaam (or Mombasa or Zanzibar if you would like to receive the vehicle through those ports). Usually, the seller will respond within a day giving you CIF price to the port of your choosing.

Remember it is good to know the vehicle well before buying it. So, do not hesitate to contact the seller asking for more information about the vehicle such as more pictures.

After receiving the CIF price quote and other information, you can now decide to buy or not to buy the vehicle. If you decide to buy the vehicle, then the next step is paying for it.

Use our calculator to estimate how much it will cost you before driving the vehicle.

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