Importing a Vehicle

  1. Searching for Your Vehicle
  2. Enquire
  3. Pay
  4. Shipping
  5. Receive your Vehicle

5. Receive your Vehicle and Drive

Your C&F agent will clear the vehicle for you and hand it to you. The following are the steps they will be taking:

  1. Lodging documents: To save time, after giving him all the required documents, your agent can do this even before the ship arrives.
  2. Receive Tax Assessment: TRA Tax Assessment can be obtained even before the ship arrives if they accept your claimed CIF.
  3. Submit Manifest: After the ship has arrived
  4. Tax Quotation: TRA will release this document that shows the amount of taxes and other charges that you will have to pay. Ensure you see this document because you wont have to pay more than indicated in this document.
  5. Port Charges: After payment of taxes and other charges to TRA, you will pay for Port Charges.
  6. Release Order: This documents gives permission to take your vehicle out of the port.
  7. Take your vehicle home: Take your car and drive it home. Since number plate will not be ready by this time, you will have to use temporary plates with vehicle chesis number on them. Just outside the port, there are people providing this service quickly. Once at home, do not drive it until you have fixed the number plates and you have obtained insurance for the vehicle. You wont like what would happen to you if you get involved in an accident and get out alive while the vehicle has not insurance.
  8. Buy Insurance & Fix Number Plates: After a few days, you will receive the number plates and vehicle license from you agent. After this, you can now go purchase insurance. After you have vehicle license and insurance stickers on your wind glass, your vehicle is ready for some rides.
  9. Service: Before showing off your "new" car, have it checked by a mechanic. You will at least need to change engine oil, oil filter, gearbox oil, and air clearner/air filter (if need be). You mechanic will advice you better.
(We will soon put up examples of different documents from TRA and Port Authority so that you know what to expect from you agent, and so that if you don't see them you would then know may be umeingia chaka.)

Once you get here, congratulation. But, don't forget to evaluate how much it has costed you to drive the car of your dream. And then try checking how much you would have paid if you bought it within the country. You might notice that to import a car is easier than you thought.

Also do not forget to tell your friend about this site. Waambie marafiki zako wote. Rafiki yako akitapeliwa au akiingia hasara ni wewe umetapeliwa na umeingia hasara.

Drive Safely!
And don't drink and drive!

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