Importing a Vehicle

  1. Searching for Your Vehicle
  2. Enquire
  3. Pay
  4. Shipping
  5. Receive your Vehicle

3. Pay for your Vehicle

After CIF agreement with the seller, the next step is sending the money. Oftenly money is sent by Telegraphic Transfer (TT). The seller will give you instructions on how to send them the money.

Befor you send the money, look at the following:

  • Inside there are fraudulent companies, although they get closed once victims report. To minimize the possibility of trading with such companies, try to choose companies that have more than one year in
  • Ensure that the name of the beneficiary (funds recipient) is the same as the name of the company that is selling you the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the seller is a Premium Member in And also check how long the seller has traded in

To send money go to your bank's branch and give the the information you were given by the seller and they will send the money for you via TT.

The seller will then receive the money on the same day or a few days later. After the seller receives the money, he/she will start arranging for shipping. After booking for shipping, the seller will inform you of when the ship is expected to leave and the expected time of arrival(ETA).

Be patient while your vehicle is being prepared for shipping.

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