Car Import Taxes

It has never been clear to most people just how TRA calculates taxes for imported cars. This has resulted into many abandoning their cars at the port after faling to clear them because they were not aware of the amount of taxes they would have to pay and were not prepares.

Use this tax calculator to get tax estimates and estimates of other charges that you will have when clearing your car at the port. This will give you an idea of how much you may have to prepare so that you are successful in getting your car out of the port..

Summary of Taxes

The table below gives you a summary of how much total taxes you will have to pay as a percentage of the CIF price.

Age of the Car Engine Displacement (cc) Tota Tax (% of CIF)
Below 10 years 0-1000 48%
Below 10 years 1001-1999 55%
Below 10 years 2000-and above 62%
More than 10 years 0-1000 77%
More than 10 years 1001-1999 86%
More than 10 years 2000-and above 95%
Gari yenye nafuu kabisa ya kodi ni gari yenye chini ya miaka 10 tangu itengenezwe, na cc 1000 au chini. Jumla ya kodi yake itakakuwa karibia na nusu ya gharama ya kulinunua na kulisafirisha.
Gari yenye gharama ya juu kabisa ya kodi ni gari yenye zaidi ya miaka 10 tangu itengenezwe, na cc 2000 au zaidi. Jumla ya kodi yake itakuwa karibia sawa na gharama za kulinunua na kulisafirisha.

Important: Remember that, apart from tax, there will be other expenses when clearing your car. These include Clearing and Forwarding Agent service charge, car registration fees, car license fees, insurance, etc.

Use this tax calculator to estimate total cost of importing a particular car.