Importing a Vehicle

  1. Searching for Your Vehicle
  2. Enquire
  3. Pay
  4. Shipping
  5. Receive your Vehicle

To import a car is easier than most of us think. What is needed is to reserve enough time to search for the car of your dreams.

Many of us do not import brand new vehicles because we can not afford them. And some of us believe one doesnt have to import a new vehicle. So much of the information here will be about importing used cars.

In out view, to import a vehicle from Japan is the easiest, and many of imported vehicles are from Japan. So here we will be biased on importing vehicles from Japan.

Also there are many ways and means to searching for your dream vehicle including through a relative in the diaspora. But here we will be biased towards using because we think you are more likely to get a vehicle of your dreams at a reasonable cost.

Please read the five steps outlined here, and we hope they help you to accomplish your goal.

Step #1: Searching for Your Vehicle ยป